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RLRRLRLL® never uses conventional cotton. Most of our clothes are 100% organic cotton . Organic cotton is a natural fiber, without GMOs , much less water-intensive than conventional cotton. And above all, its production does not use chemicals and promotes crop rotation to keep soils healthier, more fertile and wetter. As for cotton ginning waste, it is recycled for the animal feed industry.

Respectful of people

Respect is the basis. Living from ethics and sustainable development seems natural to us. By respecting your skin with soft materials, by respecting the men and women who produce your clothes in dignified working conditions and also by respecting the world in which we live by limiting our impact on the environment.


RLRRLRLL® ne travaille qu'avec des fournisseurs de textile approuvée par PETA, ce qui signifie qu'ils s'engagent à ne jamais conduire et commander aucun test d’ingrédient, de formulation ou de produit fini sur les animaux. D'ailleurs nos produits sont fabriqués dans des matières 100 % vegan et sont totalement exempts de fibres animales, dans un souci du bien-être animal.

Beyond the ego ...

Your clothes are more than a means of expression. They reflect your style, your state of mind, a militant act, but also influence your mood and your way of being. This is the effect that the addition of a multitude of details, chosen and executed with care and pride, can have. When dressing, show off, be curious and be proud. With RLRRLRLL® you are ready to live the stories that will punctuate your life.