Thomas MILLO, founder of RLRRLRLL A few years ago I started printing t-shirts for friends, fellow drummers and anyone who wanted to buy them. I was driven by the desire to build something based on values, an ethical company, a community brand… Step by step, my small business started to grow and grow… and my dream came true.

More than ever stimulated by the universe of rhythm, my desire to expand the boundaries and the desire to bring something new to the clothing market, I decided to launch a brand that would adopt a different approach. This meant for me contemporary and quality clothes, with subtle designs, but always made with respect for people and the environment. It meant a brand with a new way of thinking and producing. In 2014 , RLRRLRLL was born.

RLRRLRLL is high quality clothing made for drummers and above all… by drummers. Tested, worn and approved by a demanding community around the world.

Beyond a brand, RLRRLRLL is a common and borderless project that brings people together around the same goal. With you by our side, we are an ever-growing conspiracy to imagine, promote and carry the values of love for our art.

Our range is based on 3 moral and ethical principles:

Respect for the Earth: we choose products from a cultivation method that promotes soil regeneration and organic farming. Since we don't use GMOs, our cotton is softer and you can feel it right away on your skin.

Respect for living species: we choose products that have the least impact on the living ecosystem and do not induce animal suffering. RLRRLRLL is ready to proudly take up the challenge of changing long-established habits in the textile industry.

Fair sharing: we always favor short circuits as much as possible, in direct contact with small producers and manufacturers, we seek to promote the condition of textile and clothing workers and we do not necessarily aim for "the best price", but the fairest price.

We are uncompromising because we want to create clothes that are both original and that last a long time. Quality is a priority in our daily work and the design of each of our products requires rigorous reflection, diligent testing and uncompromising standards.

Your clothes are more than a means of expression. They reflect your style, your state of mind. They are a militant act but also influence your mood and your way of being. This is the effect that the addition of a multitude of details, chosen and executed with care and pride, can have. When dressing, show off, be curious and be proud. With RLRRLRLL you are ready to live the stories that will make your life.

Thomas MILLO, Founder